Catch a Ride Down the Boardwalk with Marvel Screaming Hand Skateboards

Marvel Screaming Hand Skateboards

30 years ago, Jim Phillips created the Screaming Hand logo for Santa Cruz Skateboards. Now, some of your favorite heroes are getting in on the action with the Marvel Screaming Hand skateboards!

The symbol represents defiance and shows just what it sounds like: a hand with an open mouth on the palm that’s screaming. Superheroes tend to do a lot of screaming, and defiance is definitely a recurring theme for heroes so these great collectibles make perfect sense.

There are several types of skateboards included, the first of which is the standard completed skateboard, measuring 30 to 31-inches long and showing off Spider-Man and the epic Norse god Thor.

If cruzers are more your style, then Wolverine and Spider-Man have you covered. These boards measure 36-inches long.

Wolverine and Spidey also want to make sure youngsters can start skating which is where the micro boards come in. They measure 28-inches long and are recommended for children 10 and younger.

All the boards have maple decks and classic, colorful comic art. Spider-Man’s hand spits out webbing, while Thor’s hand features his winged helmet, and Wolverine’s showcases his mutants claws and sideburns.

These unique and epic skateboards are currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth, where they are expected to arrive in September 2015 with free shipping.

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» Pre-Order Thor Hand Sk8 Completes Skateboard

Thor Skateboard

» Pre-Order Spider-Man Hand Sk8 Completes Skateboard

» Pre-Order Spider-Man Hand Micro Sk8 Completes Skateboard

Spider-Man Skateboard

» Pre-Order Spider-Man Hand Pintail Cruzer Skateboard

Spider-Man Cruzer Skateboard

» Pre-Order Wolverine Hand Cruzer Skateboard

Wolverine Cruzer Skateboard

» Pre-Order Wolverine Hand Micro Sk8 Completes Skateboard

Wolverine Skateboard



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