Why These Schitt’s Creek Products Will Keep Your Fandom Going after the Finale

Pop TV’s most popular show, Schitt’s Creek, might be over but that doesn’t mean you can’t relive all the amazing fashion moments by binge-watching the whole series on Netflix and having some retail therapy by buying the latest Schitt’s Creek Funko Pops.

While there is a ton of official Schitt’s Creek merchandise from mugs to Christmas ornaments to Rose Apothecary bath products, none of those things show off your fandom like the collectible Schitt’s Creek Funko Pops!. Each member of the Rose family is represented here with a Schitt’s Creek Pop! figures that embody each one of their character’s personalities.

Schitt’s Creek Johnny Pop! Vinyl Figure

Schitt's Creek Johnny Funko Pop

First is the patriarch of the Rose family, Johnny Rose. Never one to run out of high-end suits from Ermenegildo Zegna, Jil Sander, and Hugo Boss to show off his business demeanor, Johnny’s Pop! presents him in a well-tailored blue suit (with no tie). And what would a Johnny Rose Pop! be without Eugene Levy’s iconic eyebrows?

Schitt’s Creek Moira Pop! Vinyl Figure
Schitt's Creek Moira Pop
Next up, Television’s mom, Moira Rose. The overly dramatic Moira has a certain sense of fashion, often favoring monochromatic looks by Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, and Givenchy. The look of this Pop! is a twist on Moira’s outfit from Season 4 Episode 2 “Pregnancy Test.” The black-and-white design and costume jewelry work well for the figure, although the purse really should have been the amazing Prada Daino St. Eyes she had in the episode. But I don’t want to throw shade bébé because remember, “gossip is the Devil’s telephone.”

Schitt’s Creek Alexis Pop! Vinyl Figure

This Schitt’s Creek product is definitely a little bit Alexis. The spoiled-rotten socialite is a mix of a reality TV star and wannabe fashionista, often wearing a bohemian style with a simple sundress, hat or headband, and boots. The Alexis Funko Pop! features her attire from Season 2 Episode 1 “Finding David,” where she was wearing a large boho Littledoe feather hat and a spaghetti-strap gold and black polka dot dress (although the vinyl is wearing a black and white polka dot). She is holding her cell phone with her broken wrist T-Rex arms.

Schitt’s Creek David Pop! Vinyl Figure

Schitt's Creek David Funko Pop and Chase

Ew, David. Of course, we saved the best for last. And in true David style, he had to be extra, coming with a chase figure. David frequently wears designer sweatshirts, drop-crotch pants, and designer shoes. Like Moira, he’s has a very monochromatic style. And this common David Rose Pop! shows his fashion choices perfectly. While it’s not clear where this Pop! takes its inspiration from, it could be based on the Neil Barret fashion thunderbolt sweatshirt from Season 3 Episode 1 “Opening Night” episode, or it could be David’s geometric sweatshirt from Season 4 Episode 7 “The Barbecue.” Either way, this Pop! it’s definitely David’s aesthetic, it even includes his signature silver rings!

Then there is the one Schitt’s Creek product that every fan has been talking about, the 1:6 chase figure of David from Season 2 Episode 1 “Finding David,” were David runs away to an Amish farm. When the family finally finds him, he is crotched in a field wearing the eccentric Helmut Lang black wool hoodie with expensive Balenciaga sunglasses and holding an Amish rake.

Don’t wait! Get the ever-fashionable Rose Family Funko Pops! while you still can and enjoy one of the most binge-able shows on TV.



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