Scorpion Cast Hints at Season Three at San Diego Comic-Con


In advance of the October third premiere, the cast of Scorpion hinted at what fans can be expecting from the upcoming season – and spoke openly about what it was like to play a genius – at their panel at San Diego Comic-Con. The panel included Jadyn Wong (Happy), Eddie Kaye Thomas (Toby), Katharine McPhee (Paige), Ari Stidham (Sylvester), and Executive Producer Nick Wootton. Two members of the cast who couldn’t be in San Diego (because they were filming), Robert Patrick (Cabe) and Elyes Gabel (Walter), were in a pre-recorded message to fans that was shown at the start of the panel.

And what they teased was coming is exciting news for Scorpion fans. The new season promises resolution on many things that were left hanging at the end of season two. Some storylines will continue, and yet… Nick Wootton also explained that he is taking the show to new places. Expect the unexpected. When asked about focusing on character origin stories, the panel said they are definitely toying with the idea but that this season there are so many other things to do. But will there be a love interest for Robert Patrick’s character? There were hints that there may be, but the cast remained coy on details.

So what are the things the cast loves most about being on the show?

Katherine McPhee enjoys the stunts and Eddie Kaye Thomas loves blowing things up. Jadyn Wong reminisced on the snow scene from episode 13 of season two, “White Out.” The actress, who is originally from Canada, felt at home on the sound-stage that was made up to look very realistically like Antarctica. Jadyn Wong also said she thinks it is fun to learn what all the gadgets her character uses on the show can do.

Ari Stidham mentioned this was his first San Diego Comic-Con. While Ari might appreciate it, his germaphobe character of Sylvester would be “completely terrified.”

Will there be a musical episode? As funny as it may sound for a team of eccentric geniuses formed to defend the world, many of the show’s cast are very musically inclined. At the panel, Katherine McPhee encouraged the others to harmonize with her. It took a few tries, but she finally got them singing!

Scorpion airs Monday nights on CBS and will kick off season three on October 3, 2016.



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