San Diego Comic-Con 2018: Shazam Trailer Wows Crowds on Day 3

The third day of San Diego Comic-Con has come to an end, and it was by far the biggest day yet! We had trailers, show announcements, and oh so much more. With only one day left at the con, let’s not waste any time getting to a recap the big news of the day!


Warner Bros. and DC Comics held their panel in Hall H where we were given a small glimpse at some of the footage already shot for Wonder Woman 2. The studio also brought along the very first look at the upcoming Shazam film featuring Zachary Levi as the titular hero. They rounded out the panel with the first full trailer for Aquaman, finally giving us a view of the world beneath the sea and what we might expect from James Wan’s superhero film.

The television side of the Warner Bros. / DC partnership also held several panels to preview the upcoming seasons of Supergirl, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash. The casts and showrunners fielded questions from the moderators and fans while giving small subtle hints at what can be expected for the new seasons debuting this fall. They didn’t say much about the big crossover event that will introduce Batwoman to the universe, but they did discuss each show’s struggles and challenges for our beloved heroes and friends. Each series also debuted a special sizzle reel showcasing what little footage they’ve shot since starting production just a few weeks ago.


Hasbro announced today that it will be releasing several new figures from the Legends line. Among those listed, three are slated to hit Entertainment Earth first: the X-Men’s own Archangel, Ultron, and a two-pack featuring an A.I.M. Scientist and Shock Trooper. They closed the panel by announcing there will be a Charles Xavier figure in his hover chair and a 90s-style Gambit figure joining the very popular Legends line.


The center of the excitement surrounding the Entertainment Earth booth today was the rocking sounds of KISS, as Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer stopped by to turn the booth into Rock City. The guys signed autographs for an enormous line of fans who waited to see their favorite stars and buy the exclusive KISS collectibles on hand. Tommy and Eric will be back tomorrow, so drop by if you missed them today!

The top-selling items at the Entertainment Earth booth today included some familiar items: the Harry Potter bundle (Mystery Flying Snitch, Wingardium Leviosa Kit, and Tom Riddle Diary Notebook), the Chris Uminga Batman Figures, the Power Rangers Psycho Silver Ranger Figure, and the Bob Ross Bobblehead. Tomorrow is your last chance to grab one or all of these items, so act fast and get your SDCC Entertainment Earth Exclusives ASAP!

With that, we end our coverage of Day 3. Stay tuned for the latest convention exclusive news tomorrow as we wrap up our coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2018!



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