San Diego Comic-Con 2018: Thanos Dominates Preview Night

The time has finally come! That time of year in mid-summer when the geek and pop culture community descends upon the oceanside city of San Diego for the biggest comic convention in the world. That’s right – San Diego Comic-Con 2018 is here at last!

The four-day event actually begins on Wednesday with Preview Night. That’s the night exhibitors get a jump-start on proudly displaying all their exclusives and you find all the activations around the convention center. So, let’s get our daily SDCC round-up started with Preview Night 2018!


There wasn’t much announced in the world of entertainment news. We usually get most of the breaking news and trailers starting on Friday, but some studios did give us some nuggets to whet the appetite.

The CW and DC Entertainment announced that Batwoman will be getting her own television show, spinning off her debut in the big Arrowverse crossover event. Speaking of the annual crossover, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will not get an episode in the crossover in the upcoming season.

On the outside of the convention center, there are various activations set up for visitors to experience upcoming television shows and movies. The biggest one is the Jack Ryan experience from Amazon Prime. There’s a helicopter perched on a fake building and all kinds of military-type obstacles for people to make their way through. The Walking Dead and DC’s new DC Universe have activations around the convention center as well.

Not to be outdone, Entertainment Earth will have an Infinity Gauntlet Thanos playset set up in our booth, featuring figures from the Pin Mates™ sets.


Everyone uses Preview Night to grab collectibles before they sell out… and they will sell out. This year, Entertainment Earth has some of the best and most exciting exclusives for collectors:

In our booth, you’ll find three different DC Artists Alley Batman Figures by Chris Uminga.

Making its SDCC debut is the Infinity Gauntlet Pin Mates™ set of 16 figures – all your favorite Marvel characters from the The Infinity Gauntlet comic book that inspired this year’s blockbuster smash, Avengers: Infinity War.

For those Power Rangers fans in attendance, the exclusive Space Psycho Silver Ranger is a must-have that will sell quickly.

If Voltron is more your thing, the Voltron 5-piece action figure gift set is perfect and also an SDCC Exclusive.


Welcome to another great year of SDCC! Today’s top sellers from our booth #2343 were the DC Artists Alley Batman figures by Chris Uminga; the Harry Potter bundle of collectibles that includes a Flying Snitch, Wingardium Leviosa Kit, and Tom Riddle’s Diary with Invisible Wand Pen; and the Power Rangers Space Psycho Silver Ranger action figure.

On Thursday, the Entertainment Earth booth will play host to Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld for a free autograph session. You can also find Entertainment Earth in two panels: “Toys Without Apps – How Entertainment Earth Is Bringing Back Classic Play” and  “We Wrote Your Childhood.”

Preview Night was a lot of fun and kicked off another great year at SDCC for the Entertainment Earth crew. Be sure to visit our booth to scoop up the exclusives before they’re gone! We’ll be back tomorrow to recap all the exciting action.



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