SDCC Comic-Con 2023: A Look Ahead 

Are you excited for San Diego Comic-Con? It’s coming up fast, and we’re excited to give you a little sneak peek! The Entertainment Earth booth will have so many amazing Entertainment Earth Exclusives that you can’t miss! From The Flash to Disney, you can expect tons of new collectibles that you’ll be itching to add to your collection. Take a look below and start getting excited! 

The Flash 

Did you get a chance to catch The Flash? The speedy superhero hit theaters June 16th, 2023 and made quite the splash for DC fans. Beyond the movie, the CW TV show ended its 9 season run on May 24th, so Barry Allen has definitely been on our minds! It’s been reported that Ezra Miller will continue to portray the speedster in the new DCU, so it looks like the Flash isn’t going anywhere! 


Spider-Man has been headed across the spider-verse lately, and we’re stoked we’ll get to see him (whichever universe’s version) in San Diego! Whether that’s Miles Morales or Peter Parker or anyone else, we’ll be happy. Marvel has confirmed that multiple new movies will be coming that are connected to the webslinger. Kraven the Hunter and Madam Webb are on their way, and the next Miles Morales movie is slated for March 2024, though that could change at any minute. Spider-Man fans have definitely hit the jackpot with all that’s coming. 

Jujutsu Kaisen 

Season 2 of the incredibly popular anime Jujutsu Kaisen just premiered on July 6th, 2023, so the excitement around the show is clearly ramping up! Entertainment Earth currently carries tons of amazing products surrounding the anime, like Exclusive Funko Pop!s, Loungefly bags, and more. Comic-con is sure to bring us more incredible collectibles.  

The Boys 

Fans of the show can get pumped, because Amazon’s hit TV show The Boys will definitely be included during the show. Season 3 of the show, which discusses the negatives of a society where “supes” have a lot of social, political, and economical power, was released summer of 2022. We’re currently waiting for season 4, and for the new Gen V- a spinoff that follows a group of super-powered teens attending super-powered high school. All that to say hopefully SDCC brings us great collectibles (and some news)! 


The X-Men, the heroic group of Mutants created by Charles Xavier, have been around for a looong time – since 1969 to be exact. Their current comic book run is a big hit amongst fans of the series, and their animated Disney+ TV show leaves much to be excited about! Recently, the Disney+ series was confirmed to include Magneto, Storm, Jean Grey, and Cyclops.  

Iron Man 

Our beloved Tony Stark made his last goodbye in the incredibly finale to the Infinity Stones saga, Avengers: Endgame. But was that the last we’ll see of him? Fans aren’t sure, as now rumored reports have been made stating that Robert Downey Jr. has been seen on the set of the new Captain America 4 movie. Whether this was just a friendly visit to check out his MCU pals, or if he appears in the film… we’re unsure. But the fact remains that Iron-Man will NOT be left in the dust – this character is a fan favorite and we can’t wait to see what comes for him at SDCC! 

Star Trek 

Season 2 of the Paramount+ series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is currently airing on Paramount+, and fans are loving it! Star Trek is on the front of our minds (Chris Pine Star Trek #3 anyone?) and we’re excited for whatever items come along that we can add to our collections.  

The Jetsons 

Link to Having aired in 1962, the Jetsons has become an iconic program, and now in 2023, its become a game to look back at the series and see what they got right about the “future”. The “modern” family of the Jetsons have everything they need, like flying cars, video calls, smart watches, and more! Sounds a lot like our time huh? You’re in luck if you’re hoping to grab onto something from their time – The Jetsons will be featured at our booth! 

Disney 100 

Disney has been celebrating their 100th year all year long, and the celebration will continue at SDCC! Hoping to snag some awesome Disney100 merch? You’re lookin’ in the right place! We’ll keep the party going at our booth, where you can expect to grab something to celebrate the anniversary.  

Comic-Con Toy Company Exclusives 


Funko collectors! This one’s for you! The incredibly popular company Funko will definitely be bringing some awesome goods to our SDCC booth. Need to ramp up your Pop!s collection? SDCC will be the time to do so. 

McFarlane Toys 

You can sleep easy at night knowing that McFarlane Toys will be at our booth! The company is most known for their expansive collection of DC action figures, including the Build-A-Figures and their Page Punchers, which come with their own comic book included!  

Beeline Creative Geeki Tikis  

Their motto is “Bee Creative!”, so you know they definitely will be! Beeline Creative looks to create beautifil and unique kitchenware, perfect for anyone looking to add some fandom fun to their house! The Beeline Creative Geeki Tikis Mugs cover a multitude of different movies, tv shows, and more! 


The perfect way to fandom-ize your wardrobe is with Loungefly! The Loungefly wallets, mini-backpacks, purses, and pins are staples for the girls and guys with a little bit of style! Don’t miss whatever Loungefly Exclusives that SDCC brings us – they’re sure to be stylish! 


Bright colors and fantastic, cute little poses are what really make Youtooz figures stand out! Youtooz designs amazing vinyl figures from things like Disney, Angry Birds, Street Fighters, Cuphead, and more! 

Jada Toys 

Jada Toys has been creating fabulous collectibles since the turn of the century (1999 to be exact!). Specifically, Jada Toys is well known for recreating some of the most well-known vehicles and cars, and their action figures and other collectibles are well known as well! 


Hoping for some Fisher-Price figures, playsets, or vehicles? Fisher Price’s reputation as a longtime producer of fantastic collectibles is true today! You can get pumped up knowing that something from Fisher-Price will be available.

Bitty Boomers 

Looking to jam out with some of your favorite characters from things like Stranger Things, Nightmare Before Christmas, Star Wars, and more? Bitty Boomers has got you covered! Bitty Boomers has mastered the skilled of creating little tiny speakers with a lot of sound and LOT of fandom fun. Look forward to their awesome products too!

2022 Comic-Con Exclusives 

Want to look back and see what was available last year? San Diego Comic-Con 2022 was filled with tons of amazing Exclusive products. Take a look for yourself and get pumped for this year’s con!



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