Exclusive One-On-One Interview with Legendary Fantasy Artist Luis Royo

Legendary fantasy artist Luis Royo sat down with us at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 to discuss his nearly four decade long career and art. The man is a wealth of information when it comes to art, in general.

Senior Royo is known for his fantasy and science-fiction art, which has been featured in Heavy Metal, Penthouse, and National Lampoon.

I got a poor grade in Spanish class, so during the interview, I just stood by the camera and nodded along and smiled to his answers. But yesterday when I added in the subtitles, I was blown away by what this man said and how he approaches his art and craft. His passion and love of art, comic books, mysticism, the female form, and the pen is beautiful. After watching this interview, you’re either, A) going to want Sr. Royo to draw you or B) wish he was your grandfather.

Entertainment Earth’s Audrey Cisneros, who conducted the interview, had this to say:

“I was given the incredible honor of interviewing one of the most legendary artists of our time, Sr. Luis Royo. He is as gracious and welcoming as I ever imagined he would be. His passion for art flowed through his words, eyes and expressions. I felt that he canvased a perfect picture of the actual inner workings of a true artist, which I hope our viewers see, as well.”

We thank Sr. Royo, Take’ Iseki, and Vicente Campos immensely for coming by the booth to speak with us.

You can shop Luis Royo statues here, including the Entertainment Earth Harley Quinn exclusive designed by Sr. Royo.



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