Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is joining the Titan vinyl series!

It’s hard to believe that the landmark album that forever changed music, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, turns 50 years old this year! Even if you weren’t around for the release, and if the album has always been a fixture from the past, it makes you feel old to know that it has been around for half a century. It may seem like ancient history, but the music still resonates with a new sound and sensibility that makes it not only relevant but transcendent to listen to. If you’re a Beatles fan or not, you’ve got to love and appreciate that album. Now you can mark the 50th birthday of Sgt. Pepper’s with the new collection of Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Titan Vinyl Figures!

They’re all here and in their most groovy gear. Take a look at The Beatles Sgt Pepper’s John In Disguise 4 1/2-Inch Titans Vinyl Figure. John looks mellow and friendly, much as he did while taking on the Blue Meanies in the film, The Yellow Submarine.

The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s George In Disguise 4 1/2-Inch Titans Vinyl Figure brings “the quiet one” to life, as well. With the wind blowing through his hair, he appears just like he looks when we first meet him in The Yellow Submarine. You can practically hear the sitars playing in the background!

The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Paul In Disguise 4 1/2-Inch Titans Vinyl Figure brings the cute Beatle to your collection. Paul is highly stylized and very mod in his black jacket, decorated with medals.

And no one can resist The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Ringo In Disguise 4 1/2-Inch Titans Vinyl Figure. Ringo brings all the personalities of The Beatles together, just like his drums serve as the glue for their music. Sporting the same Sgt. Pepper’s outfit that he wore in The Yellow Submarine, this Ringo figure is very groovy.

And to complete the collection, you’ve got to have the symbol of their band with this The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Drum 4 1/2-Inch Vinyl Figure. This drum, adorned with the familiar Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band logo goes great with or without the accompanying bandmates!

All of these Titans Vinyl Figures are made with the familiar Titans aesthetic. They go great with any vinyl collection or with any Beatles collection. Order all five today at Entertainment Earth!



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