Now George R.R. Martin’s Autograph and a Game of Thrones Coin That’s Been to Space Can Be Yours


Our friends over at Shire Post Mint are doing something awesome: auctioning nine of their Iron Coin of the Faceless Man™ coins!

That’s not all, though. These coins have also been to space. Sort of.

The Earth to Sky Calculus group is comprised of high school students from Bishop, California. They carry small payloads to mission sponsors and in February 2015, Shire Post Mint decided to send ten of their Faceless Man coins to the upper stratosphere to sponsor the cosmic-ray research balloon flight. The highest altitude they reached was 112,000 feet and they were recovered in the desert after re-entry.

The coins were sealed in a plastic slab with a card signed by A Song of Fire and Ice author, George R.R. Martin. There was also a 16-page mission folder, a fragment of the balloon, and a USB drive containing full video coverage and photos of the mission.

Of the ten sets, one will go to Martin for his personal collection, and the other nine will be auctioned one at a time.

Interested? Of course you are. The auction begins at 12:01am on August 1st at Shire Post’s eBay account.

You can check out more Shire Post Mint collectibles here.



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