These Two Sonic Statues Get the Artwork Right the First Time!

Sonic the Hedgehog has run full circles around the gaming industry and made his way onto the big screen. The rebellious rodent and his trusty sidekick, Tails, are in their hour of glory, and finally being immortalized in these two high-quality collector pieces, the Sonic Gallery Sonic the Hedgehog Statue and the Sonic Gallery Tails Statue. Capturing the fluid movement and quick-paced movement of the original videogame, these two statues a vivid and thrilling, bringing a splash of action to the shelf of any collector.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Kicking things into overdrive is the Sonic Gallery Sonic the Hedgehog Statue. Carrying a gem and leaping for one of his coveted golden rings, Sonic makes tracks through the Green Hill Zone. The artwork captures Sonic’s expression and style, not to mention his attitude. With this detailed sculpt and diverse features, you can almost see this statue move while it stands still.


Airborne and on the attack, Sonic’s buddy comes to life in this Sonic Gallery Tails Statue. About to snatch a lofty prize, this twin-tailed hero shines in vibrant color. One of the most dynamic video game collector statues available, this piece is captivating with or without Sonic’s presence.

Both statues stand at about 9-inches tall. They are cast in a high-grade plastic with collectible-quality paint applications. Catching these two in motion has proven hard for many artists, but in these two statues, the heroes truly shine. Sold separately, you can pre-order yours at Entertainment Earth today!



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