Sons of Anarchy Trailer for Final Season

The highly anticipated final season of Sons of Anarchy creeps even closer, as fans ache to watch the September 9th premiere. But, good news for Sons of Anarchy fans! After FX released a round of ominous 20-second teasers, an awesome new trailer has been released that is rocking the fandom, making the wait just that much more unbearable.

Part of the footage that was screened at San Diego Comic-Con featured the incarcerated Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) attacking a fellow prisoner. What’s driving Jax’s aggression? Losing Tara (Maggie Siff), who died by a forking in the season finale, is almost certainly the cause of Jax’s emotional turbulence this upcoming season. However, his attention may have shifted slightly to the club, saying, “I already lost the woman I love; I’m not going to lose my club.”

Meanwhile, Juice (Theo Rossi) is worried about losing his life after having helped Gemma (Katey Sagal) cover up Tara’s murder. With a teaser shot of someone being buried in the promo, fans speculate that Juice (or whomever they are burying) may be having a rough season. After all, this is it for SAMCRO and the show that’s brought us memorable characters… and their equally memorable deaths.

“The desire for revenge is a part of grieving,” DA Patterson tells Jax. “In my world, violent desires will never become real. In yours, it’s a very likely outcome.”

The trailer shows Jax out of jail and back at the Reaper table, Wendy out of rehab and holding Thomas, the club drawing guns on a gang, the transfers dumping a body into a freshly dug grave, Jax punching a man standing behind Gemma, Jax running a truck off the road and exchanging fire, Gemma sobbing on Nero, and Jax firing a shot – among other exciting scene previews.

The new season of Sons of Anarchy will feature guest spots from Lea Michele and Courtney Love, among others.

Season 7 premieres with a 90-minute event on Sept. 9 on FX.

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