Spider-Gwen to Join Cast of Spider-Man Animated Series

Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man series is an exciting take on the Web-Slinger, and it’s only going to get more thrilling. We recently learned that Spider-Gwen will be appearing on the series. Joining both Spider-Men – Peter Parker and Miles Morales – Spider-Gwen is likely to add a new dimension to the show’s heroes an villains alike.

Spider-Gwen comes from Earth-65, an alternate reality, but how she ends up in the cartoon universe is anybody’s guess. From the video that posted by Marvel, we can see that she is a bit of a surprise to the Spider-Men, too. While she is thought to have been robbing a bank, it turns out that she is defending it.

Spider-Gwen comes with her own baggage, of course, and we’re not yet sure how much of that baggage she’s bringing along. For example, will we see Lizard-Peter Parker from her universe? Only time will tell.



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