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This Spider-Man 2099 ArtFX+ Statue is Timeless

Stuck in the year 2014, Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O’Hara) finds himself torn between two worlds – the future he came from and the better tomorrow he hopes for. But being a Spider-Man out of time makes him the perfect superhero to fight injustice and corruption before it starts.

Not only is this Spider-Man 2099 ArtFX+ Statue ready for another time jump, but he is posed half-crouched, ready to jump into action. The statue features O’Hara’s iconic blue and red UMF suit and airfoil attached to his back. Standing at just over 5-inches tall, the statue comes with magnets in the feet to provide extra stability on the base.

Pre-order this Spider-Man 2099 statue before it gets lost in time.



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