Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Debuts

When Tom Holland first appeared in Captain America: Civil War, the argument could be made that he stole the show. His performance as Peter Parker was second to none. He nailed the role, the accent, and the mannerisms that we’d expect as Spidey fans. When he appeared suited up as a CGI Spider-Man in the tarmac battle scene, he again raised the bar of expectations for the portrayal of Spider-Man going forward. While the CGI quality raised a few eyebrows, the quipping was done to perfection and left us all wanting more web-slinging action! Wait no further, the first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming is here and it’s loaded with fun!

On first glance, we see this movie is going to be about Peter proving himself to be fit to fight alongside the Avengers as a hero. Tony Stark is here to guide him on his journey but he’s also holding him back, almost like a father figure. He wants to protect Peter from the dangers of being a superhero in this Sokovia Accord world. Some people will gripe about the amount of Stark in this movie, but I think he’s necessary to guiding Peter at this early stage in his crime fighting career. This trailer gave an enormous sense of humor, and a lot of heart. It also has this coming of age sort of John Hughes feel to it in the High School scenes which would be great!

It isn’t until the closing moments of this first trailer that we get our first look of Michael Keaton as Vulture. He. Looks. Incredible! He looks massive in his costume which is extremely tech heavy. Not only does he look imposing in costume, but when he’s threatening to kill Peter’s loved ones, I got chills. It’s Michael Keaton, guys! Batman! The Birdman! Mr. Mom! He’s going to be going toe to toe with Spider-Man in his first solo film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that cannot be understated.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is going to hit theaters on July 7th of 2017 and if I could, I’d already be standing in line to see it. Did I mention that the Spidey suit has the vintage Steve Ditko spider webbing under the arms that serves a purpose of gliding when he’s flying around the city?! Get excited folks, this is going to be a good one.




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