Whimsical Spider-Man Catches the Perfect Shot


Spider-Man is one hero who really understands the nature of the responsibility thrust upon him. Only recently he was a kid who was put-down by everyone in his high school class. One bite of the right spider, and he became more powerful than he could have imagined. His powers have taken a humble teenager and turned him into a crime-fighting hero, and he never uses those powers for the wrong purpose. But, you know, he still needs to keep his day job! While he doesn’t exploit his superpowers to make a fortune in, say, UFC competitions (although he did try his hand at wrestling), he does do the occasional hanging around, looking for the right shot to bring back to the paper.

In order to show the lengths that Peter Parker will go to in order to stay employed, Quantum Mechanix brings us this tasteful Spider-Man Spider Cam Q-Fig PVC Figure. As a photographer for the Daily Bugle, Peter Parker has an enormous amount of pressure applied to him by his somewhat volatile publisher. He can’t take this job lying down, so he has to go the extra mile to show what the right kind of photojournalist can do!

This whimsical figure doesn’t take itself too seriously. It captures the fun side of crime fighting, and of crime reporting. Spidey is seen in a comfortable, fun-loving light, showing the more personable side of the periodically dark hero. Made from high quality PVC, this figure is painted in vibrant color and is an absolute must for any Spider-Man fans out there. While it hasn’t hit the market yet, this figure can be pre-ordered now from Entertainment Earth!



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