Spyro the Dragon Lights the Collectibles World on Fire

One of the first games to really hit it big on the PlayStation was Spyro the Dragon. It became Sony’s Sonic or Mario. A next gen platforming game in which you play as Spyro, a dragon who’s out to find and rescue his friends from the evil clutches of Gnasty Gnorc. The game was popular and had a high replay value. So it makes sense that such a friendly and lovable character would make a perfect collectible!

First 4 Figures has made an amazing statue of Spyro standing up on a fiery platform you may recall from the original game. The detail on the statue is breathtaking and the colorful paint job is vibrant and eye-catching. The statue stands 15-inches tall and is so detailed that you can see every scale on Spyro’s body. Each statue comes with full-color packaging and an authenticity card.

Pick up your Spyro statue now before Gnasty Gnorc captures them all and you’re left out in the rain!



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