DC’s Holy Trinity Gets Stylized and Adorable as Mini-Statues

DC Variant Mini-Statues

Here’s a question: if superheroes become miniature, can they still save the world? Find out with the DC Variant Static Art Mini-Statues from Square Enix!

The holy trinity of DC Comics is on a mission to prove their mighty heroics, even when adorable, stylized, and tiny.

Out of the way, boys, Wonder Woman’s got this one covered. Her black hair is swooping as she stands on one foot, ready to sprint off to face her villain, with the Lasso of Truth in hand. Don’t be deceived by her wide eyes and smile, she’s tough and determined to fight for justice.

All the way from Krypton, Superman has become one of Earth’s best heroes. With his hands on his hips and his wind-swept hair, the Man of Steel dons red, blue, and gold, looking particularly noble. His big blue eyes put you at ease and you know that if anyone will save the day, it’ll be Superman.

The Caped Crusader rounds out our trio perfectly. In a great action pose, kneeling slightly, Batman’s ready to spring in to action. His cape appears to have great movement and he sports a scowl – after all, Batman may be a hero but he’s one of the grumpier heroes.

Each statue measures 6-inches tall, making them the perfect size to add to your collection on display.

They are currently available at Entertainment Earth where in-stock orders of $79 or more receive free shipping, so make sure you check them out today!

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