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Captain America and Black Widow Are Ready for Their Next Play Arts Kai Mission

Captain America Black Widow Play Arts Kai

A great superhero duo is looking for their next mission. Are you prepared? Then check out the Marvel Universe Captain America and Black Widow Variant Play Arts Kai action figures from Square Enix!

Joining the likes of Thor, Spider-Man, and Venom, Cap and Widow are ready to get in on the action.

Donning his star-spangled classic colors, Steve Rogers’ uniform gets an upgrade as protective armor to showcase his awe-inspiring presence. The paintwork is gorgeous and detailed, revealing scrapes and chips to signify the action he’s seen. Even his trademark shield gets a slightly new design and can be fitted in hand or on his back with ease.

Cap measures 11-inches tall and comes with a display stand as well as alternate hands and the ability to pose him many different ways.

Next up is a world-class spy, the Black Widow herself, Natasha Romanoff. Whether she’s crouching in the shadows, or attacking an enemy, her variant black body suit provides her with plenty of mobility for various poses.

Her side-swept red hair and contrasting elements of her appearance give her an imposing look. She stands 10-inches tall and her accessories include electric shocks from her stun barrettes, two handguns (as well as effects showing bullets being fired), a knife, and alternate hands.

Whatever the mission, you want these two on your team. They’re currently available with free shipping Entertainment Earth.

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