A Closer Look at the New Star Trek: Discovery Insignia Badges

If you’re able to identify all the various insignia badges that have been worn by Starfleet crew throughout Star Trek‘s history and shows, then, wow: you are a fan! It also means you’re eagerly awaiting the new show, Star Trek: Discovery, premiering in September. Well, also coming in September, from Quantum Mechanix (QMx), are four new insignia division badges for the avid Star Trek memorabilia collector.

Made from a hardy zinc alloy, these badges are exact replicas worn by crew members on the new show in the divisions of command, medical, operations, and science. Each insignia has a brushed and glossy look, the command and operation badges accurately rendered in bronze and the badges for the medical and science divisions in silver.

Measuring approximately 2 3/4-inches by 1 1/2-inches, these new Star Trek badges each have the distinction of a clasp that uses short-field magnets to create a hold that is stronger than your typical clasp. This eliminates pinholes, no matter what material you attach a badge to, including leather and suede.

Whichever badge (or badges) is your favorite, pre-order now and be ready to usher in the latest show set in the Star Trek universe by proudly wearing your new Star Trek: Discovery insignia badge. Order yours today!



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