Celebrate Your Own “Captain’s Holiday” with These Fun Horga’Hn Collectibles

When Sir Patrick Stewart announced he’ll again play Captain Jean-Luc Picard in a new Star Trek series, fans started wondering what this “next chapter” in Picard’s life will hold. Announcing the series, Stewart gave as noble and high-minded a reason for revisiting Picard as you’d expect – “to research and experience what comforting and reforming light he might shine on these often very dark times.” Even so, when he played the good captain two decades ago, he wouldn’t have minded more “sex and shooting” for Picard, according to The Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion by Larry Nemecek. Who knows? When Picard beams down to CBS All Access, maybe Stewart can have (ahem) the best of both worlds.

Own and Display an Exact Re-Creation of the Celebrated Horga’hn

Stewart’s desire for more “sex and shooting” led to “Captain’s Holiday.”

In this third-season TNG episode, Picard and adventurous, alluring archaeologist Vash (Jennifer Hetrick) team up to stop time-traveling aliens from finding a potentially star-destroying weapon.

But “Captain’s Holiday” is remembered much more for this striking statue than for its MacGuffin.

As Picard finds out to his chagrin, it’s a Horga’hn, symbol of sexuality on the tropical resort world Risa. “To own one,” he is told, “is to call forth its powers. To display it is to announce you are seeking Jamaharon.”

We won’t speculate on why you want to own and display an extraterrestrial fertility idol. We’ll simply point you to the Star Trek: The Next Generation Horga’hn 1:1 Scale Prop Replica from Roddenberry.

Crafted by the same studio that made 25 Horga’hns for “Captain’s Holiday,” this 1:1 scale replica looks exactly like the on-screen prop. It was shaped in a new silicone mold made from the original master, with the same polyurethane resin. Sanded and painted with a handsome faux-wood finish by hand, this Horga’hn measures about 11-1/4-inches tall by 5-inches long weighs 3-1/2 pounds and is packaged with a certificate of authenticity in a Roddenberry-brand box.

Distinctive and detailed, we can’t guarantee your Horga’hn will bring you Jamaharon. But we bet it will spark plenty of intriguing conversations. (Just ask Captain Picard!)

Drink to All Good Things with the Horga’hn Geeki Tiki Mug

Would you rather have a Horga’hn you can use in a more immediately practical way? Then check out Beeline Creative’s Star Trek Horga’hn 20 oz. Geeki Tikis Mug.

A totem-like object to begin with, the Horga’hn is an ideal addition to Beeline’s creative series of tiki-style ceramic mugs. Safe for your microwave and your dishwasher’s top shelf, your Horga’hn mug makes a pretty (and provocative) addition to your table.

Whether or not you’re hoping Picard gets to enjoy Jamaharon in his new series, pre-order your Horga’hn replica prop and your Horga’hn Geeki Tiki mug. Fill your days and nights with the energy of Risa’s warm breezes, exotic food… and more.

Make every day your own captain’s holiday. Claim these Horga’hn pieces for your collection now!

Want to tell us what you hope Captain Picard’s new series has in store? Make it so in the comments section!



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