Your Kitchen, the Final Frontier, These Are the Continuing Voyages

Captain’s Log, Stardate supplemental. The kitchen crew needed an uniforms upgrade. Our mission is to supply them with the necessary tools to protect their clothing.

Thank your Captain for the ability to cook like him! This outstanding Star Trek Captain Kirk Be the Character Apron is the best way to make your meals! This apron invites you to be the character of Captain James Tiberius Kirk and protect your clothes as you create kitchen masterpieces!

If you ever wanted to cosplay in the kitchen, this awesome apron is a great substitute to your high-end Captain Kirk costume. After all, you wouldn’t want your beloved Starfleet uniform to get dirty with food stains, would you?

This outstanding apron showcases the character’s yellow Command shirt and features a phaser in one hand. The black base color apron is a standard size that fits most adults.

This “Be the Character” apron is currently available at Entertainment Earth.

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