Take Charge of Your Home Entertainment System with the Star Trek Original Series Phaser


“Set phasers to surf.” Channel surf, that is!

Make your next party around the home entertainment system feel just like a Starfleet landing party with the Star Trek Original Series Phaser Replica Universal Remote!

The clever techs at The Wand Company have turned one of classic sci-fi’s most iconic weapons into a multi-functional, meticulously detailed, advanced gesture-based remote control.

Designed from laser scans of the original Star Trek series’ last known hero prop phaser, this piece looks exactly like it belongs in a 23rd-century armory. It’s screen accurate all the way from the multi-colored light-up tip of its extendable emitter to the adjustable settings dial and silver-colored grill work at its rear.

Setup and programming are easy thanks to a printed instruction sheet that doubles as a cool mini-poster, and spoken prompts from the device itself. Alas, they’re not in Majel Barrett Roddenberry’s voice – but the remote does boast 10 authentic sound effects from the TV soundtrack, including the “overload” buildup from the episode “The Conscience of the King,” should you want to send your guests scrambling for cover!

Once your phaser is “locked and loaded,” you’ll be able to control virtually all TVs, DVD and Blu-ray players, and iPod docks using nine different movements—36 distinct functions (including “Any-TV-Off”), all without pushing buttons. You can even use the palm-sized type-1 phaser apart from its larger, type-2 cradle, and can recharge its lithium battery (no, not dilithium) using the included USB cord.

Since this is one remote you won’t want to lose between your couch cushions, it comes with an embossed, nickel-plated display stand. And when you’re not using it or showing it off, you can store the remote in its foam-lined protective case, made from engineering-grade ABS plastic to look like it was beamed to you straight from Starfleet Command.

An impressive collectible equally suited for everyday use or fun-filled roleplay, make sure you’re armed with the Star Trek Original Series Phaser Replica Universal Remote by placing your pre-order today!





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