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A Commanding Figure: Star Trek: TNG Captain Picard 1:6 Scale Action Figure

Before Star Trek: The Next Generation warped onto the world’s TV screens 30 years ago, naysayers said viewers would never accept anyone other than William Shatner’s James T. Kirk as captain of a starship Enterprise.

Today, it’s difficult to imagine the Star Trek universe without the noble presence of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, elegantly portrayed by Sir Patrick Stewart.

Star Trek: TNG character Tasha Yar said it best when she said Picard possessed “the soul of an explorer and the heart of a poet.” Patrick Stewart brought both those qualities to the role, along with intellect, wit, and dedication to Star Trek’s high ideals of courage, compassion, and constant curiosity about life’s wonders.

So what better centerpiece could you give your Star Trek: TNG collection than this 1:6 scale Captain Picard articulated figure from Quantum Mechanix, the first TNG entry in its Master Series line?

Meticulously designed by true fan Nanjin Tam, this 12-inch tall figure features a striking, hand-painted, new portrait head sculpt of Stewart in the role. Its more than 30 points of articulation and multiple interchangeable hands (four right and two left) mean you can recreate any number of Picard’s iconic moments and poses.

The captain is clad in a faithful, fabric reproduction of the TNG duty uniform (the two-piece, high-collared variety introduced in season 3), with combadge permanently affixed. Accessories include a type-2 phaser and holster (with magnetic fastener), a tricorder, a PADD (another example of Trek tech anticipating true tech), and a clear cup of “tea, Earl Grey, hot!”

In the oral history The Fifty-Year Mission, Brannon Braga is quoted as saying, “A Star Trek series is only as good as its captain, and Picard was pretty [expletive] great.” So is the QMx Picard action figure! Celebrate Star Trek: TNG’s big anniversary year by pre-ordering yours today.



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