Star Wars: The Force Awakens Meets Calvin and Hobbes in Adorable Art

The Calvin and Hobbes comic strip first debuted in 1985, and it’s become a beloved piece of American culture. Another piece of pop culture that began in the late 70s and into the 80s and has become iconic is Star Wars.

After seeing The Force Awakens, story artist for Marvel and Disney Animation Studios Brian Kesinger decided to combine the two with drawings that are capturing hearts all across the internet.

Just look at how precious that is!

Kesinger said this is the scene he was first inspired by: “It made me think of Calvin and Hobbes riding their red wagon down the steep hill.”

His art perfectly captures the innocent sense of fun in Calvin and Hobbes, as well as the air of mischief. Plus it’s a fun way to see these new characters we’re already enamored with.

So besides his individual love for both series, why combine them?

“Calvin and Hobbes is great for so many reasons, but the friendship between the boy and his stuffed tiger is what makes it a classic — and I I believe Star Wars lives on for the character bonds as well.”

That’s a reason I can definitely get behind.

You can find more of Kesinger’s art on his Instagram account.

What do you think of these great drawings? Which one’s your favorite?

Source: Mashable



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