Impressive Star Wars Fan Film Shows the Unpredictable Power of the Force

Vimeo user Joe Sill recently uploaded a Star Wars fan video titled Kara that’s truly impressive.

Fan creations are one of the best aspects of fandom, both as creator and consumer, and Sill and his team have gone above and beyond to show why.

The 7-minute video set in the Star Wars universe follows a father and his Force-sensitive daughter, Kara, when they come across a fallen Rebel pilot named Athena.

It’s beautifully done, and I think a great showcase of how expansive this universe is. It serves as a reminder that while Star Wars may be about a galactic war, in terms of its characters and singular story, it’s rather small. There are plenty more lives, and stories, that exist within this universe.

As The Mary Sue aptly points out, the parallels to Stephen King’s Carrie are interesting, given Kara’s lack of understanding about her Force powers.

It’s something that’s always intrigued me, how people learn about the Force powers and how to use them – especially if they’re not part of the destined Skywalker family.

Keep it up, Star Wars fans!

What do you think of the video? What are your thoughts on the Force and how people learn how to use it?

And be sure to see more Star Wars here.

Source: Vimeo



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