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7 Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Figures And Toys To Inspire Your Inner Jedi!

“The choices we make, the actions we take—moments both big and small shape us into forces of destiny.”

That’s how Maz Kanata (voiced again by Lupita Nyong’o) introduces each episode of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, this summer’s animated “micro-series” (online and on Disney XD) that spotlights short but significant moments in the lives of Star Wars heroines.

The show has been a fast-moving, fun celebration of heroism. It showcases how the women of Star Wars are role models for anyone who wants to live on the light side of the Force.

A Trio of Star Wars Heroines

Now Forces of Destiny fans can relive each heroine’s animated exploits as well as dream up and act out new ones with Hasbro’s first wave of Adventure Figures based on the series.

Adventure Figures blend elements usually associated with dolls – rooted hair, soft goods wardrobes with accessories – with the multiple points of articulation and attention to screen-accurate detail of action figures. At 11 inches high, they are a perfect scale for both vigorous play and proud display.

Three of the space saga’s newest champions make up Wave 1:

Jyn Erso, who spearheaded the daring theft of the first Death Star plans in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, wears a removable vest, scarf, holster belt, and boots. Equipped with a blaster and baton, she’s ready to take a swing at any Stormtrooper.

Sabine Wren, the freedom fighter with an artistic flair from Star Wars Rebels, is armed and ready for the Ghost crew’s next run-in with Imperial agents with a blaster for each hand. Her custom-decorated Mandalorian helmet is removable, as are her arm and knee clips, pants and boots.

And Rey, the scavenger from Jakku’s junkyards who turned out to be much more in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is poised to fend off Teedo, Nightwatcher worms and worse with her trusty staff. She also comes with removable shirt, draped top, arm wrappings and bracelet, and shoes, as well as a belt with bag and a backpack.

Adventure Figures and Friends

Hasbro is also releasing Adventure Figures that come with friends.

Starting with Rey, in the gray outfit she wore to Ahch-To, and her roly-poly astromech droid BB-8; and Star Wars’ first and foremost female hero, Princess Leia, dressed here in her quilted white outfit from Echo Base in The Empire Strikes Back and accompanied by the always faithful and feisty R2-D2.

Since no Star Wars fan could be satisfied with only one Leia figure, don’t miss the Endor Adventure Princess Leia Figure, which comes with both outfits she wore on the Sanctuary Moon: the green camouflage poncho, pale blue pants with side gold stripe, black boots and belt, and helmet; and the simple but striking brown dress (complete with accurate stitching) and sandals she wore as an honored guest in the Ewoks’ village. And, yes, it comes with a spear, which the four-inch Wicket figure can hold, too, when he’s not busy shooting his bow and arrow.

Galactic Destiny In Your Hands!

If you want to become part of the Forces of Destiny action in an even bigger way, don’t miss these life-sized Adventure Toys.

Rey’s staff is detailed to look just like the one she wields with such accuracy and impact on screen. When fully extended, it spans a most impressive 41 inches. Troublemakers and “big deal” pilots, beware!

And fans who’ve dreamed of brandishing their own lightsabers in the fight against evil will love the Forces of Destiny Jedi Power Lightsaber. Mace Windu’s not the only one who gets a purple blade anymore! This elegant weapon from a more civilized time extends with a flick of the wrist and lights up at the touch of a button. It makes the familiar crackling sounds of lightsaber blades in combat and plays John Williams’ original, triumphant Star Wars main theme.

Pretending you’re a powerful Jedi Knight, with your own personal soundtrack? If that’s not ultimate Star Wars fun, what is?

You can add-on to the Jedi lightsaber with the enclosed lightdagger (only your imagination can make its blade illuminate), and you can extend either the lightsaber or Rey’s staff with components from the versatile BladeBuilders system, sold separately.

In this moment, make a choice and take action! Order your Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Adventure Figures and toys now. Eight more episodes are on the way in October – be ready!

Tell us in the comments below: What’s your favorite Forces of Destiny episode so far, and why?



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