Newest Species of Catfish Named After Star Wars Character, Goes Down in History

Star Wars is already immortal, but now it’s going down in history in a brand new way. The newest species of catfish has been named after the famous character Greedo!

Jonathan Armbruster, professor and fish curator at Auburn University, named the previously unidentified fish, which was first discovered in Brazil in 1998, Peckoltia greedoi.

By naming new species of animals, scientists leave their mark on the scientific world – and clearly have a little fun. Armbruster describes how it was some arachnologists, with whom his team shares a lab, that first brought up the comparison to Greedo.

The official description reads:

“Named for Greedo of Rodia, a bounty hunter killed by Han Solo in Chalmun’s Spaceport Cantina in the movie ‘Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope’ (Lucasfilm, Twentieth Century Fox, 1977) with whom this species shares a remarkable resemblance.”

Greedo certainly wasn’t a big character in A New Hope but with the famous “who shot first” controversy, he famous as a fan favorite character!

Peckoltia greedoi belongs to the suckermouth armored catfish family. It’s a small-to-medium sized fish and its wide, dark eyes are the biggest resemblance to Greedo by far.

What do you think of the new species? Do you think the name is apt? And, of course, who shot first?



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