Celebrate the Destruction of the Death Star with This Leia Mini-Bust

Leia has always been the princess of our hearts, and we have never felt that fact more keenly than we have in the past few months. With the amazing vision that was Rogue One and then with the passing of the legendary Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia has been cemented as an icon for not only the past but for the modern age. Nothing demonstrates her brave legacy better than the final scene in the original Star Wars movie, where just after seeing her home world explode and being rescued from the Death Star, she pulled it together, led the rebel attack, and awarded medals to those who deserved them almost as much as she did.

Now you can relive this moment in vivid detail with this Star Wars A New Hope Leia Hero of Yavin Mini-Bust! With the Death Star in tatters and the Empire on the ropes, Leia looks elegant in her white robes with her hair up like royalty. Though her home planet has been destroyed, and her adoptive family along with it, her dignity and elegance shines through in this amazing mini-bust. This hand-painted statue was digitally sculpted by master artisans, using the highest quality polystone and actual archival footage and designs. She stands prepared to place a medal over the heads of Luke Skywalker or Han Solo, but probably not Chewbacca.

Each Leia mini-bust comes with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity that matches the number of the bust itself. This limited run collector’s item may not last long, so you would be advised to pre-order today from Entertainment Earth!



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