Star Wars: The Force Awakens Reaches $1 Billion in Record Time, Might Kick Avatar Out of Its #1 Spot

Is this the last article I’ll write about Star Wars: The Force Awakens breaking records? Probably not.

But this record is a pretty big one and not to go unnoticed.

Yesterday, on December 27, its twelfth day of global release, The Force Awakens’ revenue reached $1.090 billion. That’s the fastest any movie has ever reached $1 billion! And this film isn’t even out in China yet! (That’ll come on January 9, so prepare yourselves.)

Avatar sits on top with a box office of $2.78 billion. It had a very slow burn, earning less than $100,00 in its opening weekend. By word of mouth and the media, people ended up flocking to see it over time.

Meanwhile, Star Wars already has word of mouth and media on its side – and has had it since last year. It’s already a third of the way to Avatar’s record, and I think we’ll all be celebrating soon enough.

Should we be worried, however, that most people have already seen The Force Awakens and its revenue will start to taper? No, because according to The Hollywood Reporter, a lot of the film’s box office is coming from repeat viewers.

You go, Star Wars, four for you, Star Wars!

Do you want to see this film beat Avatar and become the most successful film of all time? Sound off in the comments!

Source: THR



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