Don’t Miss Out! Add These New Stargate 1:2 Scale Prop Replica Helmets to your Collection!

Re-enter the Stargate with the new half-scale prop replica Helmets from Chronicle Collectibles. For those Stargate fans that weren’t able to get the full-scale versions of these helmets, you can get these smaller, reasonably priced helmets.

The Stargate Horus 1:2 Scale Prop Replica Helmet was brought to life by using the screen-used hero animatronic prop and digitally scanning it. From there, this replica was scaled down. It features weathered and antiqued accents, engraved details, and illuminating eyes. Fans of Stargate can agree that this Horus likeness makes a powerful piece for your collection.

But your array of collectibles wouldn’t be complete without the Anubis helmet as well. Coming in at 27-inches tall, this Stargate Anubis 1:2 Scale Prop Replica Helmet is just as arresting as the Horus helmet. Again, scanned from the actual stunt prop used in the film, this helmet also features amazing elements of detail such as weathered marks and engraved details. The eyes glow a ghostly blue with the addition of 2 AAA batteries!

Both Stargate prop replicas are beautiful works of craftsmanship that are eye-catching in the extreme. Made of high-quality polyresin, and sitting atop their own themed stands, these helmet replicas demand attention. While they have yet to be released, these highly coveted collectibles can be pre-ordered today at Entertainment Earth!




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