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Things Just Got a Little Stranger with These Funko Action Figures

Everyone knows small towns can be deceiving. It all looks peaceful and calm on the surface, but beneath – or, perhaps, Upside Down – can lurk all manner of intrigue, conspiracies, and monsters.

Netflix’s smash hit Stranger Things is that perfect blend of nostalgia and supernatural horror; exactly what you’d get if Steven Spielberg and Stephen King somehow had an impossible lovechild. While we all count down the days till season 2, Funko is helping to ease the pain of separation with their latest line of action figures.

The Stranger Things Pack 3-Pack Set #1 includes everyone’s favorite telekinetic experiment, Eleven, with her now iconic Eggos; the practical Lucas with his survival gear; and D&D Dungeon Master Mike with his handy walkie-talkie.

Stranger Things Set #2 includes lost boy Will, plucky enough to survive several days in the nefarious Upside Down; the endearing Dustin with a can of the school lunch lady’s secret pudding; and the monstrous Demogorgon, who ultimately proves no match for Eleven.

Each figure stands 3 3/4-inches tall and is fully articulated for easy posing. Add both 3-packs to your collection today and relive the fight for Hawkins, Indiana all over again!



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