To Relive Street Fighter in All Its Splendor You Need This Book!

Arcades may be a thing of the past. But there was a time when you could go to this magical place with pockets full of quarters, you’d stand in front of a large machine, put your coins in, and with a joystick and buttons play video games for hours. You could meet new friends, enemies, all in an effort to achieve the high score. It forced you to leave the house, but it was still gaming at it’s finest. One of the more important arcade game franchises, now celebrating 30 years of video game popularity, was Street Fighter. There’s been a lot of games made based on this franchise and even a couple movies, but to really relive these incredible games you need to add this book to your collection.

The Undisputed Street Fighter Deluxe Edition Hardcover Book will amaze you just from the cover. It comes inside a die-cut slipcase that is designed to look like the classic arcade game cabinet. Inside the folded sleeve you’ll find three Street Fighter art prints and a papercraft folded model. The book itself is filled with interviews and behind the scenes looks into making many of the games. It also has a plethora of details including the iconic art, design, and imagery from the entire Street Fighter Universe.

If you’ve ever shouted “Hadouken” to a friend as you fake punched them (or really punched them, that’s on you), then you need this book. If you’ve ever dropped all of your allowance playing Street Fighter at the local arcade, you need this book. Put down your controller, head to Entertainment Earth and order your Street Fighter book now!



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