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Beating M. Bison Is a Cinch Compared to Collecting All of These

It used to be enough just to shovel quarters into a machine all summer long, but now many of the arcade hits from our history also adorn our shelves. The Street Fighter franchise has aged well and grown into the world of collecting as well as video games. From action figures to statues, there’s no reason to keep the memorable characters of Street Fighter limited to pixels on a screen. Now there’s a new way to collect your favorite characters, and it’s just as exciting as taking on new challengers was back in the arcade.

Pick up the Street Fighter Lil Knockouts Mini-Figure Random 4-Pack for a serious adrenaline boost. Reminiscent of Capcom’s Pocket Fighter video game from 1997, you can now carry all of the outrageous characters from Street Fighter around with you. The characters that are now part of your hard-wired DNA come in a collection that is easy to start, but hard to complete, in the best possible way. Each order brings your four random figures from the greatest collection of fighters of all time.

Standing about 2 3/4-inches tall, these vinyl figures put the characters in a familiar light. Each one comes packaged in its own collectible metal tin. Series 1 is coming soon, so head over to Entertainment Earth to pre-order your 4-Pack today!



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