Strongest Characters in Black Clover Ranked (2023)

In Black Clover, a world bursting with spells, adventure, and people who seem to break all limits, we find a vibrant assortment of powerful characters. This anime and manga series gives us characters with extraordinary abilities. Some can manipulate the mighty elements of nature conjuring hurricanes or igniting infernos with a mere flick of their wrists while others delve into the forbidden, shadowy depths of dark magic, weaving spells that can chill you to your bones or bend shadows to their will. Then there are those who even without flashy magic are so unyieldingly determined that they turn every challenge into a stepping-stone towards victory. Today, we’re setting our sights on these high-powered characters in Black Clover. From those who have magic so potent it could shake the world to characters that host ancient, mighty entities within them.

Have you thought who you’d rank in your Black Clover top 10? Below, we’ve listed the magical characters of the show that we believe are the most powerful in the vibrant Black Clover universe. This was really hard to do, but let us know in the comments if your top 10 would look the same. Want to know who the strongest Devils are in the Black Clover world as well? Check that out here. Now, onto the list…

#9 – Yuno


Black Clover Yuno Pop! Vinyl Figure

Black Clover Yuno Pop! Vinyl Figure

Yuno possesses the Wind Magic attribute, which allows him to generate, manipulate, and control wind with great precision. His wind-based attacks can be devastating and versatile. Yuno can create powerful gusts of wind for offensive purposes, create protective barriers, and enhance his speed and agility.

#8 – Nozel Silva

Nozel possesses the rare Mercury Magic attribute, which allows him to generate, manipulate, and control liquid mercury. He can shape the mercury into various forms, such as blades or defensive barriers, and use it for both offensive and defensive purposes. Nozel’s mercury-based attacks are highly versatile and can be incredibly destructive.

#7 Fuegoleon Vermillion

Fuegoleon possesses an exceptional affinity for Spirit Magic, a rare and powerful magic attribute. He has formed a contract with the Fire Spirit, Salamander, which grants him access to immense fire-based magical abilities. Fuegoleon can create, control, and manipulate flames with incredible precision and power. This combined with the fact that he is part of the royal family, and his highly intelligent strategical thinking, put Fuegoleon in the top ten.

#6 – Mereoleona Vermillion

The Fire Magic wielder, Mereoleona already has a step up on the rest for controlling one of the most powerful of the Magics, and one of the most destructive. Pair that with her royal lineage,  Mereoleona also deserves to be in the top 10.

#5 – Asta

Black Clover Asta Pop! Vinyl Figure

Black Clover Asta Pop! Vinyl Figure

Asta is the main character of Black Clover, and he does not have any actual magic abilities. But! Asta has “Anti-Magic” powers that allow him to dispel and disarm any magic that comes against him. While that might not seem as cool as some of the other players on this list, it’s definitely proven to be useful for him.

#4 – Yami Sukehiro

Yami is the leader of the Black Bull Squad, and he uses techniques that greatly enhance his fighting capabilities. First off, Yami has the Dark Magic, which allows him to generate and manipulate dark energy. Yami also has an incredibly powerful signature move, called the Dimension Slash. Add that on top of the Mana Sensing and any other abilities he has, Yami definitely deserves to be high on this list.

#3 – Licht

When Licht was alive, his power could not be ignored. The beautiful Elf leader controlled the Four-Leaf Clover Grimoire. This Grimoire represents immense luck and potential. His grimoire contained powerful and forbidden magic spells, enabling him to use a wide range of destructive and versatile magic. Add that ontop of his increased mana and sword magic, and you have an incredibly powerful Elf on your hands.

#2 – Julius Novachrono

The Former Time Emperor’s immense power is recognized within the anime, and his Time Magic is one of the reasons he’s considered to be so strong. But beyond that, Julius’ high amount of mana, his intelligence, versatility, and experience all make him incredibly powerful and a very tough challenger.

#1 – Zagred

The Devil of Kotodama Magic has to rank high in this list. The evil antagonist controls the Word Soul Magic as well as the Dark Magic, the first granting him the ability to manipulate and control individual souls like puppets, while the latter allows him to create powerful dark attacks and build up his defenses. Not to mention, Zagred has the ability to regenerate, and whatever damage he takes he can heal fairly quickly.


Who is the most loved character in Black Clover?

The most loved character in Black Clover has got to be Asta. The main character of the series, Asta non-magical abilities almost make him an underdog of the show, and it’s been amazing to watch his journey!

Who is the strongest character in Black Clover?

According to our list above, the strongest character is Zagred. The terrifying devil character has a ton of different abilities that make him scary and strong.

Who is stronger, Asta or Yuno?

According to our list above, Asta is stronger. While the two are known rivals, Asta’s non-magical abilities seem to be doing him pretty well. While Yuno is a prodigy, he just doesn’t compare to what Asta.

Who are the baddest girls in Black Clover?

If you mean based on strength, Mereoleona and Noelle Silva are the baddest girls in Black Clover!



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