Strongest Characters in Dungeons & Dragons (2023)

Anyone who has played Dungeons & Dragons before knows that there are a ton of characters within the game with their own complex motivations, backstories, and character attributes. The entirety of the DnD universe is incredibly expansive, and the list of characters is seemingly never ending. Pair that with the fact that each player gets to create their own character that goes on to move throughout this world… things get complicated. But we’re here to boil down those complications! Below, we’ll be ranking our selections for the most important heroes in Dungeons & Dragons. Before diving in, take a look at our selection D&D action figures, posters, and more! If you’re looking for a list of the most powerful villains in D&D we’ve got that covered for you too. Now onto the list!

#6 Volo

Volo is a sage and wizard who was most known as the keeper of information. Having worked with Elminster to keep and publish information, Volo had a great impact upon the D&D world. While not the strongest physically, Volo was incredibly powerful because of the information he held, and he was often in the hot seat for sharing information within his publications.

#5 Bruenor Battlehammer

Bruenor was the King (multiple times!) of Mithral Hall, and one of the close friends of Drizzt. He was incredibly strong and successful at protecting his kingdom, often using just a single bladed axe and a gold-colored shield. Bruenor was later reincarnated as Reginald Roundshield of Citadel Felbarr.

#4 Drizzt Do’Urden

Dungeons & Dragons R.A. Salvatore's The Legend of Drizzt Golden Archive Drizzt 6-Inch Action Figure

Dungeons & Dragons R.A. Salvatore’s The Legend of Drizzt Golden Archive Drizzt 6-Inch Action Figure

Drizzt was a drow ranger who had abandoned his family and his people in order to fight for the good side. He eventually became the hero of the North. As a drow, Drizzt was capable of summoning globes of impenetrable darkness, and he could levitate. However, once leaving the Underdark. Drizzt lost some of these abilities. He was well known though for being able to see in the dark, and being quicker than most thought possible by drow or human.

#3 Xenk

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Xenk Pop! Vinyl Figure

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Xenk Pop! Vinyl Figure

Xenk Yendar was a human Paladin and adventurer that teams up with our heroes in the movie Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. Xenk holds all values that heroes should hold, such as honor, commitment, determination, and so forth. He believed that anyone could be hero, without the magical powers. However, Xenk did obtain some magical power, as he was able to strike his sword with glowing energy, and his brush with undeath left him aging at a beyond human level. He is believed to be over a century old.

#2 Mordenkainen

Mordenkainen was an archmage who was responsible for creating many new and powerful spells. He also created the Helmet of Disjunction, which could break any enchantment within its vicinity – this was believed to be a replica of one of the spells that Mordenkainen had created. Beyond that, Mordenkainen often worked with Elminster to pass on information about new spells and enchantments.

#1 Elminster

Elminster is one of the strongest Wizards in all of Faerun, having earned himself a reputation that spread across the lands over his centuries-long life. Elminster had continually saved people from destruction and subjugation. He not only had the power to cast spells, but he could heal himself and others, and had an incredibly strong memory that would allow him to remember things from many years passed. Overall, Elminster has to rank as the strongest and most well-known do-gooders in the D&D universe.


Who is the strongest character in dungeons and dragons?

Lord AO is considered to be the strongest deity in D&D. He has only taken a physical form once, but as an Overgod his existence is barely known to the people of Faerun.

Who is the strongest D&D villain?

Vecna is considered to be the strongest D&D villain. See how we feel about Vecna here!

Who is the most powerful god in D&D?

Lord AO is considered to be the strongest deity in D&D.

What is the strongest dragon class in DnD?

While there is no dragon class that is considered to be the strongest, the Ancient Red Dragons are known to be the strongest physically. Ancient Red Dragons are capable of breathing fire, and are known possessing incredibly strong physical attacks.



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