Which of These New Studio Ghibli Collectibles Is Your Favorite?

As a fan of Studio Ghibli, I am super excited to see four top notch collectibles coming out from some of my all time favorite anime films. Each piece looks amazing but also offers functionality to decorate your space.

Available now from Kiki’s Delivery Service, is a large coin bank of the cute black cat, Jiji. He makes the perfect companion patiently waiting for you to insert your coins in a slot on his back. Measures approximately 10 1/2-inches tall x 6-inches side x 4-inches deep there is plenty of space within for your hard earned savings. He also features a moveable tail and a big red bow around his neck making him perfect to display among your collectibles. He’s hot off the truck so you can add this cute and functional kitty to your collection today!

Looking to store more than just coins? This Kodama Tree Spirit Accessory Box, from Princess Mononoke, has plenty of space to hold paper clips and more to spruce up your desk with some fantastical Miyazaki flare. It looks like a piece of wood covered in moss with three Kodama sitting on top. You can peek inside through a hole to see a fourth tree spirit happily relaxing among some bright green leaves. Once the top is removed there is a ton of space alongside for all your small desk items to safely be stored. You can pre-order these Kodama now to make sure they are delivered to you just in time to ward off any unwelcome spirits in October.

Also coming out in October and available for pre-order is a mini-clock from my all time favorite animation, My Neighbor Totoro. This mini-clock features a bright green clock face with one black soot spirit printed above the golden clock hands and the animation title written in Japanese below. It is embedded in a large acorn sitting atop a round green base with our fuzzy spirit friend Totoro poking out wearing the top of the acorn as a hat. Totoro’s oversized smile is perfect to brighten your space and help ward off unwanted ghosts wherever he is displayed. It perfectly displays Totoro’s silly nature and I can’t wait for it to be a part of my own personal collection!

Last but definitely not least, coming out in November is a No-Face Knitting Music Box from the hit classic Miyazaki animation, Spirited Away. No-Face is sitting on a small wooden stool with bright green yarn and Boh the baby in his mouse form in his lap. In a small basket alongside them is more yarn and Yu-Bird watching them knit. A quick wind up from underneath allows this box to slowly spin around as it plays music from the film. You can pre-order them now to help you wind down after a long day.

These four amazing Studio Ghibli collectibles are not only great pieces to add to your collection, desk, or home space but they all offer some functionality to brighten your day. There is something for every fan to add some magical Miyazaki style no matter what you are looking for!



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