Stun Your Friends With Classic Star Trek Phasers


Get ready to stun your friends with these Entertainment Earth Exclusive Star Trek classic phasers!

These Entertainment Earth Exclusive phasers are officially licensed Star Trek weapon replicas featuring the original 2-in-1 design with detachable mini hand phaser. Each Type-1 mini hand-phaser separates from the Type-2 pistol.

Each phaser measure 9 1/2 inches long by 9 1/2 inches tall by 3 inches wide. For maximum authenticity, it’s a full-scale reproduction modeled after the initial Star Trek prop. With realistic beam lights, 5 different sound effects, and adjustable power settings, this awesome replica is one of our bestselling items.

To activate the sound, you must remove the plastic display tab and turn on the hand phaser. This is done by clicking the far right dial forward toward the front of the pistol. To trigger the lights, rotate the front dial forward. There are a total of 5 different sound effects. Rotate the right dial on the mini-hand phaser to hear 4 sounds. With the mini-hand phaser sitting on the phaser, adjust black knob closest to you to hear a sound effect.

Choose between gold and white handles, or get both for an extra stun! You need one and so do all your friends. But remember: Always treat phasers as if they were fully loaded with nadions!

These amazing phaser replicas are currently available at Entertainment Earth! Also available is an exclusive White Phaser and Medical Tricorder Set. Order yours today!

» Order Star Trek Classic Gold Handle Phaser – EE Exclusive

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