Cuddle Up with Studio Ghibli’s Colorful Characters, Creatures, and Spirits

Studio Ghibli Plush

Cuddle up with Sun Arrow’s Studio Ghibli plush when you enter the wondrous and magical worlds of Ghibli animation!

From the mythical bathouse of Spirited Away to the wild forest of Princess Mononoke, these wonderful settings and stories are full of colorful characters that we’ve fallen in love with over the years. It only makes sense to keep them close!

Venture forth into these mystical worlds and snuggle up to your heart’s content with these wonderful plush! They’re all available at Entertainment Earth, where in-stock orders of $79 or more receive free shipping.

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» Pre-Order My Neighbor Totoro Totoro with Leaf 4-Inch Otedama Plush

Totoro Plush

No one’s cuddlier than Totoro! There’s many plush of him to choose from, all round, squishy, and with those adorable ears, but this one features him holding a leaf just like in the film. So cute.

» Pre-Order Princess Mononoke Kodama 5-Inch Otedama Plush


This adorable spirit lives in the forest of Princess Mononoke. Its rattling head and misshapen eyes are so precious in plush form.

» Pre-Order Spirited Away Kaonashi No-Face 11-Inch Plush

No Face Plush

No-Face is the ominous spirit from Spirited Away who can ingest people whole. He is unnerving but lonely and just wants companionship. Maybe you’re the one he’s looking for with this plush!

» Order Kiki’s Delivery Sevice Jiji 14-Inch Plush

Jiji Plush

As Kiki’s closest companion, Jiji the talking cat is ready to be the best friend for you too! Complete with the red bow, Jiji stands nobly as this plush – but will still cuddle you as much as you like.

» Pre-Order Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Teto 12-Inch Plush

Teto Plush

Don’t you wish you had a pet fox-squirrel? Well, now you can! Sort of. Teto is here, boasting nothing but softness and adorableness. He’s not known to take to people, but perhaps you can show him you’re kind with animals.



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