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You Don’t Have to Keep Dropping Quarters for These Street Fighter II Retro Action Figures

Super 7 Street Fighter II Retro Action Figures

Fighting games were huge in the 90’s, and nothing was bigger than Street Fighter II. Leapfrogging it’s predecessor nearly out of existence, SFII was like the sports car compared to Mortal Combat‘s muscle car. The game was fast, especially when Turbo Edition came out, you had to train to be good at this game. But all that training was absolutely worth it. Nothing was quite like nailing a new special move or defeating an enemy while maintaining a perfect health bar.

Now you can relive your Street Fighter II days in a brand new way, that feels very old at the same time. Take a look at these Street Fighter II Retro Action Figures Wave 1 Set from Super 7. Made in the style of some of the greatest action figures from the 80s, these figures stand at 3 ¾ inches high and 6 points of articulation. They come individually packed at on card that is made to the exacting aesthetics of the SFII game, adapted to old GI Joe figure cards.

Depending on what edition of Street Fighter II you’re talking about, there was a huge cast of characters, both playable and otherwise. This set has some of the most classic characters, appearing exactly like they looked back when they first touched your hearts. Wave 1 comes with six individually packaged fighters: Ken, Ryu, Blanka, M. Bison, Chun-Li, and Zangief are ready to rumble. This classic set, made to classic standards, will help you feel like the king of street fighting, all over again.



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