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Power Up Your Home with These Super Mario Bros. Homewares!

Paladone Super Mario Homewares

If you’re like me and you have a special place in your heart for collectibles that serve a function beyond looking cool, then Paladone’s Super Mario Bros Homewares are for you. These super cool and super affordable accessories are perfect for sprucing up your living and kitchen areas with a little Mushroom Kingdom magic!

Build your own Super Mario Bros. levels on your refrigerator or your morning coffee mug with Super Mario Bros. Magnets and the Super Mario Bros. Build-a-Level Mug! Any parts you want to save for future use can be stored in a safe place, like the Question Block Storage Tin. Keep all your secrets, coins, and stars safe in this 7×7 inch storage tin!

Of course, you’ll also need something to put your mug on, like the Super Mario Bros. Coasters. The set has 20 coasters shaped like all the classic building blocks of Mario levels, so your coffee table will be pristine even during massive Mario Kart parties!

Finally, you can light up your life with the Super Mario Bros. Question Block Light! This is a touch light with sound effects from the original games and is sure to delight long time fans of the series!

All of these items are available for pre-order now at Entertainment Earth.

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» Pre-Order Super Mario Bros. Build-a-Level Mug

Build a Level Mug

» Pre-Order Super Mario Bros. Coasters

Super Mario Bros. Coasters

» Pre-Order Super Mario Bros. Question Block Storage Tin

Question Block Storage Tin

» Pre-Order Super Mario Bros. Question Block Light

Question Mark Light

» Pre-Order Super Mario Bros. Magnets

Super Mario Bros. Level Magnets



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