New Super Sonico Statue Sure to Please

Super Sonico is one of my favorite anime characters. Starting out as the mascot for NitroPlus she has inspired games, music, mangas, and even her own anime show, which has been going strong for ten years. She’s most well known for the many collectibles that have been created based on anything you can think of. To celebrate Sonico’s 10th anniversary, Dragon Toy is releasing this new Super Sonico Photo Shooting Tanned Gal Version Statue.

This statue is inspired by an illustration used for a body pillow from Sonico’s creator, Tsuji Santa. The illustration shows her in the midst of a photo shoot against a tiled background. She’s somehow managed to get her clothes wet from a nearby hose. It’s caused her to bashfully try to cover herself up. Well, that’s just one side of the body pillow. The other is most likely after she’s gotten over her embarrassment and been encouraged to jettison those wet clothes and finish the photo shoot.

Santa personally supervised the creation of this statue. It’s no wonder this statue does a fantastic job of showcasing Sonico’s bashful presence. At a 1:6 scale, she has one arm across her belly holding a hose and her other arm up by her troubled face. Her legs are slightly crossed adding to her uneasiness. All of this is accentuated even further by amazing details from her paint job. Wet spots are intricately displayed on her skirt and sweater to give the feeling she was able to get that hose under control just in time. Her suntanned skin is a variation that helps to make her signature pink hair truly pop!

I’ve always known Sonico to get herself into some interesting situations, especially from the anime. There are many times when her modeling manager has to sway her to get over her embarrassment from wearing a skimpy outfit. That ultimately ends up garnering her a better photo shoot and validation for doing her best. It’s that bashful demeanor of hers that’s always made me root for her no matter what she gets herself into. I’ve often thought, “Awe this poor girl. Don’t be embarrassed! You got this Sonico!”

The essence of what I love about Sonico is really beautifully portrayed in this Super Sonico Photo Shooting Tanned Gal Version Statue. Whether you are a fan of her manga, games, music, collectibles, fanart or anime, this statue is a must-have! Pre-order her now to get her in December 2017 plus receive free shipping for orders in the U.S.

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