Supergirl Lifts off as This Super-Powered Maquette

Kara Zor-El has always been a ray of sunshine, and the fourth entry in the DC Comics Super Powers line from Tweeterhead only reinforces that. This brightly colored Supergirl Maquette Statue features everyone’s favorite Kryptonian cousin blasting off with a brilliant smile on her face, cape swirling in the wind.

Crafted of durable polyresin, Kara stands approximately 16 ½-inches tall from the cloudy base to the tip of her outthrust fist. Designed by Jose Garcia Lopez and sculpted by Jack Matthews, Superman’s equally powerful and far prettier cousin and frequent Girl Friday will absolutely stand out in any DC collection.

Supergirl will be landing on our shelves this November, but is sure to disappear in a puff of dust in no time, so pre-order today!



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