The Superhero Debate 2015 Is Here: Who Will You Vote For?


We heard something about a debate in the neighborhood and decided to host one of our own!

There are many heroes in the world who inspire and excite us. They’re all made of incredible might and can accomplish wonders. However, six have made it here, to Entertainment Earth’s 2015 Superhero Debate! Each one has their merits, but who will come out the ultimate victor?

DC Comics:

He might not be of Earth, but the Kryptonian hero Superman would do anything for its people. He not only possesses incredible strength and powers, from flying to heat vision, but he is also courageous, noble, compassionate, and true of heart.

The next contender is human in every way and perhaps that is what will appeal to you. Batman is a vigilante of the night, trying to save his city Gotham from corruption. He is smart, dangerous, and just.

If anyone was born into the life of victory, it’s DC’s last opponent. As an Amazonian princess, Wonder Woman is regal and a true leader. As a goddess, she is a mighty hero who fights for justice and peace and will not give up easily.

Marvel Comics:

A soldier at his core, Captain America is able to lead and inspire. He is a brilliant strategist, full of loyalty and courage. When following someone until the end, there is no one better than Steve Rogers.

This next hero created himself from the ground up. If you want to root for a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, then Iron Man is your guy. He has an inspiring story and will help you believe you can do anything.

Our last contender is another god. Worthy of the mighty Mjolnir, Thor is a hero who boasts compassion and strength. He will fight to the end and provide incredibly loyalty.



Vote for your favorite and lobby for them in the comments – we want to know why you picked who you did! What makes your hero better than the rest?



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