Superman Breaks Loose Again in This DC Designer Series Neal Adams Statue


“Kryptonite Nevermore!”

Those bold words greeted comic book readers from the cover of Superman #233 (January 1971), the caption for artist Neal Adams’ dynamic portrait of the Man of Steel.


Image: DC Comics

The issue – written by Dennis O’Neil (who was, over in Detective Comics, busily returning Batman to his roots as a sleuth in the shadows and a grim avenger of crime) – launched a storyline intended to begin Superman’s “return to greatness,” as the interior splash page proclaimed.

And the “Sand Superman Saga,” as it’s often called, did try to free Superman from the frequently formulaic, silly sci-fi soap opera plots of the 1950’s and 60’s. O’Neil’s was focusing on high-stakes, character-driven drama instead.

The new direction didn’t last – within a year, Superman was again performing over-the-top stunts like hauling Earth out of its orbit – but Neal Adams’ status quo-shattering cover for “Superman Breaks Loose,” the story in #233, did. Adams drew covers for all but one issue of O’Neil’s Superman run, but this is the one that’s achieved iconic status. It’s been emblazoned on t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs – even Canadian postage!

The latest entry in the “DC Designers” series of statues faithfully renders Adams’ cover in resin. Standing a full foot high, Superman looks to the skies with courage and grit, determined that not even chains forged from the radioactive remnants of his homeworld will stop him this time. And see how he’s stepping off the pedestal with his left leg? Even this Superman collectible refuses to be confined!

Neal Adams’ Superman #233 cover endures because it celebrates Superman’s spirit as much as his strength: a steadfast refusal to let anything bind anyone who fights the never-ending battle for truth and justice.

Declare your commitment to the good fight, and proudly display your admiration of DC’s (and, arguably, the world’s) first superhero by pre-ordering the DC Designer Series Superman statue today!




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