Supes Strikes a Powerful Pose with Latest DC Super Powers Maquette

 DC Super Powers Superman Maquette Statue

The Last Son of Krypton is always an imposing sight. Those broad shoulders, that dimpled chin, that noble brow…

The new DC Super Powers Superman Maquette Statue from Tweeterhead has captured Clark in all of his sunlit glory.

Modeled after classic designs, Supes is wearing his traditional uniform with a flowing cape whipping behind him in the wind. Perched on a crystalline shard of the Fortress of Solitude, Kal-El has a faraway and visionary look on his face – no doubt he’s already noticed some new trouble way off in the distance that requires his help.

Crafted of sturdy polyresin, this maquette statue stands approximately 17-inches tall from its base to the Man of Steel’s sweeping black hair. #8 in Tweeterhead’s line of DC Super Powers Statues, this is a limited edition piece, so be sure to pre-order now and look for it next fall!



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