Amazing Luis Royo Statue Puts a New Spin on Superman

Superheroes have always loomed larger than life, and few are as consistently impressive as Superman, son of Krypton and Kansas. Whether he’s bulky and muscular or elegant and stately, you can always trust Kal-El to save the day and look good while doing it.

Yamato USA’s latest Fantasy Figure Gallery Superman 1:6 Scale Statue is based on the artwork of fan favorite Luis Royo. Crafted from sturdy resin and expertly painted, this statue depicts the Man of Steel standing atop half of the globe of the Daily Planet. Clearly, Clark heard the call for help at his day job and is surveying the city prior to lift-off.

Superman himself stands a significant 13 1/2-inches tall from head to toe – when you include the Daily Planet globe base, the statue is 17-inches tall. So be sure to block out enough space on your shelf for this Superman!

Pre-order today and you’ll be admiring Clark’s fine physique and flowing cape this fall!




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