There Is a Town in Maine Where You Can Stay Warm with New Blankets

ouat blankets

I will find you. I will always find you… as long as you have one of these great Once Upon a Time Fleece Blankets from Surreal Entertainment!

Cuddle up with your favorite characters from Storybrooke – after all, it gets cold in Maine.

First we have the Savior herself, Emma Swan on her very own blanket. I’m sure she’d be a little freaked out by this but at least she looks great. Her blanket is blue and a perfect accessory for any product of True Love because hey, even heroes can get cold.

Speaking of heroes, are there any greater than her parents, Snow White and Prince Charming? Each of them gets their own blanket, Charming looking particularly suave in purple tones and Snow White is beautiful as ever on an appropriately white blanket.

Regina may be redeeming herself now, but once she was the Evil Queen and that’s how we see her on her blanket – tinted green. It’ll be a great comfort to you when you accept that delicious looking apple from that suspicious looking stranger.

Will you make a deal for this next blanket? That may be the only way the Dark One, also known as Rumpelstiltskin, will let you have his golden blanket. Ignore any high pitched giggling you may hear as you sleep under it.

Or you can simply celebrate your love for this fantastic show with the apple blanket, showing Regina’s eyes and a red apple.

The blankets measure 60-inches tall x 45-inches wide and are made of 100% polyester.

Protect yourself from whatever curse may come next with the Once Upon a Time fleece blankets, currently available at Entertainment Earth where in-stock orders of $79 or more receive free shipping.

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