Taika Waititi Talks Thor: Ragnarok, Proves Why He’s a Great Addition to the MCU

Taika Waititi is one of the newest directors to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and after seeing his film What We Do in the Shadows, I immediately welcomed him with open arms. I’m eager to see what he’ll do with Thor: Ragnarok, and in recent interviews with CNET and Crave Online, we got a bit of a better look at just that.

One of the best things he revealed was that Marvel approached him, and his plans for the character of Thor:

“They watched Shadows obviously, and they watched Boy, and I think the combination of those two films, you get that I wasn’t just like a crazy comedy director or too dramatic. They wanted to weave a little bit away from that. […] Basically how I pitched it was like, [Thor] just needs to be the most interesting character. If you’re going to call the movie Thor, Thor has to be the best character.”

Waititi is a talented director, with a real knack for humor, but my favorite thing about this quote is his emphasis on Thor.

The Norse god is one of the most under-appreciated Avengers, especially in the MCU. He’s wonderfully portrayed by Chris Hemsworth, and a compelling hero. I look forward to him headlining his own film again, especially under the direction of Waititi.

Unfortunately, there’s not much he can tell us about the plot or what’s in store for Thor:

“No, because I don’t even know. We’re still figuring out what characters are in it and how they all interact. We’re very early on in prep, storylining, figuring it all out.”

Undoubtedly he knows a little more than he’s letting on, but it’s no surprise he has to keep tight-lipped about these details.

At the very least, he assures he’ll be bringing his sense of humor to this film and that delights me.

“My strength in this is bringing my style of humor, which is probably a very different style of humor. They’ve had good jokes in them before, but I think where I come from is maybe a fresher style. It could just shake the entire thing up a bit.”

Now just officially confirm Cate Blanchett and we’ll be good!

Thor: Ragnarok, directed by Taika Waititi and starring Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Hiddleston, Jaimie Alexander, and hopefully many other familiar faces, is set to hit theaters on November 3, 2017.

Are you looking forward to this film? Are you excited for Taika Waititi directing?

Source: GeekTyrant

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