Take a Deep Breath with the 12th Doctor

Deep Breath

The Doctor has changed. It’s time you get to know him. Take an extended look at Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor in this new trailer for Doctor Who – Deep Breath, the first episode for the upcoming season.

When the Doctor and Clara return to Victorian London, they must solve the mystery of a dinosaur in the Thames and a series of deaths by spontaneous combustion. With the Doctor in his pajamas, this episode is sure to be a fan favorite. What can we expect from the new Doctor and how will that affect his friendship with Clara Oswald? Find out in just a few weeks!

Catch up with Madame Vasta, Jenny Flint, and Strax during this exciting installment of the beloved television series. The beloved Time Lord and his friends land deep into the heart of an alien conspiracy. Between spontaneous combustions and a tyrannosaurus rex, the 12th Doctor has his work cut out for him. Will London survive a T-Rex? Will the Doctor survive his horseback ride? The world will find out soon.

Catch Peter Capaldi and Jenna-Louise Coleman in Deep Breath in selected theaters and on TV around the world on August 23rd!

The Doctor has redecorated. Do you like it? Let us know about your excitement for Deep Breath in the comments!

Catch the Doctor Who – Deep Breath trailer below!



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