TARDIS Resin Bookend Keeps Your Time-Space Quarters Orderly


Are you ready to get organized throughout all of time and space? Keep your books in order with the Doctor Who TARDIS Resin Bookend Statues.

Have you been looking for a place to keep your 500 Year Diary, River Song’s Journal, and copy of Summer Falls? These TARDIS bookends are just the thing!

These bookends showcase the TARDIS as it vworps through all of time and space. Each end has half the TARDIS, meaning your books and DVDs are at the center of the TARDIS.

These Doctor Who TARDIS Resin Bookends are perfect for Doctor Who fans. Not only does this great bookend set feature a flying TARDIS, but the bookends are also on a cool space-themed background! Each bookend measures approximately 6 1/2-inches tall x 4-inches wide x 4-inches long.

Travelling through time and space is certainly an adventure but the Doctor doesn’t always get a soft landing. With these great bookends, every companion to the Doctor can keep their quarters orderly!

The TARDIS Resin Bookend Statues are currently available at Entertainment Earth.

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TARDIS resin bookend



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